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Global Research Data (GRD) Survey Co, Ltd. is a professional business intelligence company. We have a proud history of serving our clients for more than 10 years. GRD Survey has a strong base of industrial key leaders worldwide along the value chain to track market dynamics and business trend.

With the continuous monitoring and refreshing of the latest market info, from both official data and field data, we provide the most reliable data for market size and growth data for decision makers and investors. Our core competence area includes Chemicals and New Materials, Electronics, Electricity, Machinery and Equipment, Automotive, New Energy, Healthcare and Pharmacy, Telecom, etc.

What We Have

※ More than 10 years’ experience in market report and industry analysis area

※ An experienced and professional analyst team, equipped with dedicated sales supporting force

※ 10,000+ already published market report and relevant databases

※ Wide niche market coverage, including new materials, chemicals, energy, agriculture, machinery and equipment, consumer products, automobiles, etc.

※ On-line Support 24*7*365

GRD Survey Methodology

Our core competence is gathering info with the right people from valuable sources. All GRD Survey reports follow rigid process to ensure accurate and objective, including:

Secondary Research- This involves constantly tracking authoritatively published data by our domain experts. Typical sources including journals, magazines, IPO prospectus, government fundamental data and policy guidelines, financial reports, etc.

Primary Research- By utilizing our distributed intelligence network, our analyst obtains market insights from well-designed questionnaires and panels along the supply chain. Typical expert panel includes manufacturers or service providers, key equipment/raw material suppliers, key channel distributors, major end users as well as CXOs.

Data Triangulation- With the full-pictured knowledge from secondary research, our domain expert vets the detailed info along the supply chain. From our long-term interviewing experience, we understand nobody can be immune to subjective opinions. For every data in our report, we have verified with at least 3 sources to ensure its usefulness.

Internal Verification- Throughout this process our subject matter expert ensures the nuance of each niche market is well considered by the analyst team before any thought-provoking analysis provided.

Reporting- Presenting our findings and conclusions through brief and well-articulated reports in various formats - excel data files, pdf and ppt.